The 30k Club

Do you have a book you’ve been wanting to write? A memoir that’s been stirring in your mind? Have you committed to a writing project you don’t feel ready to confront? If any of these sounds familiar, you need the 30k Club!

Belonging to a group with a similar goal can boost your motivation significantly and help you to remain accountable.

The 30k Club is dedicated to helping writers break out of lethargy and is based on the principle of small steps. With each page you write, you get closer to your goal. 

In the 30k Club, you will receive:

  • access to an exclusive forum to celebrate and support fellow club members,
  • weekly newsletters to keep you motivated,
  • weekly writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing,
  • a front row seat to the WordCaps Showcase podcast, and
  • free entry to a monthly community event (we may invite a special guest!).

Frequently asked questions

The 30k Club is a cohort of writers aiming to individually produce 30000 words in 60 days by writing a page per day and supporting one another. If a page is estimated to be about 500 words (single-spaced), approximately 30000 words should be achieved at the end of 60 days. The 30k Club offers a supportive community for writers to be productive and execute their writing goals.

A page typically contains 500 words (single-spaced). The dimensions of a page are defined below:

US Letter 21.59cm by 27.49 cm/8.5″ x 11″

A typical blank page in Word or Google Docs.

We share our struggles and triumphs on a collaborative platform (not social media), meet virtually to strengthen and support one another, and celebrate each other’s successes.

Writers of different experience levels and genres can join the club. Film writer? Fiction writer? Amateur writer? Song writer? Elderly writer? Self-help book writer? Poet? Academic writer? Essay writer? There’s room for you!

This is expected as life happens. If a member does not meet the daily quota, they can catch up by writing for longer periods or simply continue at their pace.

Nothing! However, members must commit to writing and supporting other members of the community. The tiniest bit of writing effort and support for others is required.

Absolutely! The community is open to writers all over the world. That said, events will be held at times most favourable to those in North America.

That would be splendid! Members who complete their projects before the stipulated time will be celebrated. They may exit the community or remain to support others.

Members who don’t complete their projects by the end of the season may do so at their convenience or join the next cohort!

To protect intellectual property, sharing details of creative ideas and projects is not encouraged. The community is set up to offer support and not provide feedback on creative ideas. However, you may ask questions related to your project.

The next cohort is open to anyone to join and exit at any time! Register today to find out about the next steps.

No. This community promises no publishing services before, during, and after the cohort season. However, members may share helpful resources and will receive weekly newsletters providing guidance, resources, and inspiration.

Ready to break out of lethargy and execute your writing goals?