Hi, I’m Lola. Welcome to WordCaps!  

With a background in literature and communication, I have worked with words for over fifteen years. 

I have extensive experience in print and digital publications, content marketing, creative writing, and corporate communications. 

My creative work has appeared in Obsidian, Hot Metal Bridge, The Best Small Fictions 2020Isele, and Efiko Mag

I am an editor and a member of Editors Canada, where I serve as the managing editor of West Coast Editor

My work has been endowed with awards from the Iceland Writers Retreat and MacDowell. I’m a recipient of the inaugural Equity Fellowship from Editors Canada and the 2020 Gerald Freund Fellowship. 

Throughout my career, I have coached and guided writers from all spheres and in different genres. I’d love to work with you next.

What is WordCaps?

WordCaps specializes in editorial and communications consultancy services.

We aim to empower small businesses and writers with writing strategies, resources, and services to achieve their communication goals.

We do this through blog articles, publications, forums, and webinars tailored to enable writing and communication that engages audiences, drives action, and delivers results.

How Can We Help You Today?

Our services include: